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Why the Dollar Remains King ‒ Who chooses the reserve currency.

Bank Runs and Repos ‒ How a bank run by institutions help cause the Great Recession.

What's Causing the Ammo Shortage ‒ The government isn't buying up all the ammo.

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Money is digits. It used to be backed by gold, but now it's not backed by anything.

Today it's as easy for governments and banks to create money as it is to change the score on the scoreboard.

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The Economy

Digital money gives incredible economic flexiblity and power to governments and central banks.

It also changes how we should think about the national debt, budget deficits and inflation.

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Investing is about capturing the upside while protecting against the downside.

Successful investors know their investor type, manage their fears and protect against dragon risk.

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Money For The Rest Of Us

Coming Soon. Money For The Rest Of Us

Finally, a book that explains how the economy really works in a way everyone can understand.

Money For The Rest Of Us: What You Really Need To Know About The Economy gets to the heart of what money is and how it is created out of thin air.

You'll learn why federal budget deficits are good and why you should stop worrying about the national debt.

There are no complex charts and formulas in this book. Just straightforward stories, explanations and analogies so you can finally grasp how the major economic pieces fit together.

What I reveal on these pages at times seem unbelievable, but it's the world we live in. The first step to thriving in such a world is to understand it.

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